French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It is an official language in 29 countries across multiple different continents. It is spoken as a first language  in France, Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick as well as other Francophone regions, regions of Belgium, regions of western Switzerland, Monaco, parts of the United, partly in Luxembourg and in northern Italy and by various communities elsewhere. French is estimated to have about 76 million native speakers and about 235 million daily, fluent speakers.

Translation from / into French is one of the most popular service in the field of translations. Our agency translates documents of various subjects and complexity from personal documents to scientific and literary texts.

The most popular request is a notarized French translation of personal documents. Most often, we perform notarized translation of passports, various certificates, diplomas and other documents both from and into French. See the full list in the section Translation of personal documents.

Apart from that we provide services for the translation of documents for a French visa, such as passports, certificates of income, place of work and place of residence, bank statements and other documents.

It is worth noting that we have extensive experience in translating French scientific texts, in particular, historical and scientific articles on architectural topics, religious studies and numismatics. Translations are performed by certified translators specializing in narrow topics. Our regular customers are always satisfied with the performed translations.

Check the prices for written translation from / into French in the PRICES section.