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When it comes to timing we’re trying to meet our customers’ interests at most. That’s why we try not to extra charge for urgent translations and only do it if we incur additional expenses like overtime work of our translators.

Depending on the complexity of the text, one translator on average translates one page per hour or 8-10 pages per working day. Personal documents usually take less time because we use translation samples which allow us simplify the work. For example a passport or a standard certificate translation takes about half an hour. Notarial certification if needed takes about 1-1.5 hours.

When there are large volume documents we make sure to complete the work on time by separating the work between several translators or working on weekends.

Criteria for urgent translations:

  • For simple documents with a small amount of text, an urgent translation is a translation that must be completed within one to two hours.

  • For large volume documents, an urgent translation is a translation that must be completed within 24 hours from the moment of accepting the order, or for which it is required to translate more than 10 standard pages (1 page contains 1800 characters with spaces) per one working day. In these cases, an extra charge for urgency may be added to the price of the translation. Usually it’s 100 rubles per page.

To order urgent translation use the button below indicating the required timeframe.

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Key customers

Key customers

Today we cooperate with many Russian and foreign companies. We focus on wishes and interests of our customers which allows us to create a basis for further mutually beneficial cooperation

Translation languages

Today we work with many European, Oriental and Asian languages.

If you can’t find the relevant language in the list below, call us - we have a fairly large database of translators, and perhaps we will be able to help you

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