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There are several specific things about technical translation. One of them is that it has special terminology, which is not universal and is different for several industries. Other thing is that technical documentation contains a lot of drawings, diagrams, tables and other graphic elements, and if a document is not editable (for example in a PDF format) then it needs to be formatted first. Read more about it here.

The main directions of technical translation:

Technical manuals

Our specialists translate instructions and manuals for various equipment, including refrigeration and heating equipment, telecommunication and power engineering equipment, materiels-handling and pick-and-place machines, assembling and disassembling, monitoring equipment, household, medical, cleaning and washing, tire fitting, maintenance and other types of equipment.

Oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry includes a range of different subindustries, such as mining, refining, transportation, storage and sale of mineral resources - oil, gas, and related petroleum products.

There are also related industries, such as drilling, geophysics, and the production of oil and gas equipment.

Here are some oil and gas industry documents that we specialize on:

  • Operational documentation;

  • Installation documentation;

  • Job manuals;

  • Industrial safety rules;

  • Sanitary norms and standards;

  • Planning documentation;

  • Technical reports;

  • Legal instruments;

  • Geological prospecting and other documents.

Chemical industry

Our agency has experience in translating documents of following subindustries:

  • Chemical industry itself (production of synthetic rubber and rubber products, plastics, chemical fibers, polymers, etc.)

  • Petrochemical industry;

  • Daily chemical industry;

  • Chemical feed-stock mining industry;

  • Fertilizer industry;

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry;

  • Coke chemistry;

  • Caustic soda and caustic ash production, ammonia, chlorine, alkali and acid production;

  • Paint-and-varnish industry and others.

We translate documents such as standards, regulations, recipes, design and technical documentation, product descriptions, contracts, reports, job descriptions, regulatory documents, safety rules and other documents. Our specialists are proficient in languages and have extensive experience translating such documentation.

Energy/power industry

Power industry is an area involved in the conversion and production of energy. It includes such subindustries as hydropower, thermal and nuclear power, electricity, as well as alternative energy. 

We specialize on translation of such documents as:

  • Technical and planning documentation;

  • Orders and instructions;

  • Agreements and contracts;

  • Lists of work items;

  • Employee manuals;

  • Operational regulations;

  • Technical passports;

  • Regulatory documents and other documents.


The field of electronics includes the production of various electronic devices, household, audio and video equipment, digital electronics and others.

Most often we translate documents related to the operation of various electric equipment, data sheets, descriptions and other technical documentation.

Metal industry

Metallurgy covers a wide range of different industries and fields. There are two large varieties of metallurgy: ferrous and non-ferrous. Non-ferrous metals are divided into heavy and light.

We carry out translations in the following subindustries of metallurgy:
  • Extractive industries;
  • Ferrous metal production (iron, chrome, mangan and others);

  • Non-ferrous metal production (aluminium, copper, titan and others);

  • Alloying (cast iron, steel);

  • Mill products;

  • Metal finishing and weldout;

We specialize in translating such documents as: industry and departmental documents, mining and processing documents, standards and recommendations, sampling documents, field analysis, technical requirements, methodological recommendations and other documents.

Machine industry / Engineering

Engineering is an industry for the production of various machines and equipment, including such subindustries as: heavy, general and precision engineering, the manufacture of metal products, and equipment repair and other.

Our agency provides translations in the following areas of engineering:

  • Motor-vehicle construction;

  • Railway machinery;

  • Ship building;

  • Aircraft industry;

  • Agricultural engineering;

  • Machine tool industry;

  • Heavy machinery;

  • Oil-and-gas machine building;

  • Wood and paper and chemical engineering;

  • Tractor industry;

  • Robotechnics;

  • Instrument manufacture and others.


This industry produces trackless vehicles and has several sub-sectors: engine building, vehicle assembly, equipment and manufacturing machinery and others. It is closely related to industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, and electrical engineering.

We translate such documents as maintenance instructions, spare parts catalogs, operating manuals, repair and diagnostic instructions, operating instructions, advertising documentation and other documents.

Construction and development

As an industry, construction includes the construction of buildings, their renovation and improvement, reconstruction and restoration.

Translations in this area can also be divided by purpose:

  • Translation of industrial construction (plants, factories);

  • Translation of civil facilities construction (residential buildings, public buildings, etc.);

  • Translation of agricultural construction;

  • Translation of transport construction (bridges, tunnels, roads);

  • Translation of military construction, etc. 

We translate the full set of documentation in the field of construction which includes:

  • Investment project;

  • Business plan;

  • Architectural engineering;

  • Engineering equipment data;

  • Utility network documentation (documents on water-supply system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, gas and electricity supply systems)

  • Construction organization and demolition or dismantling work projects;

  • Fire safety documentation;

  • Construction estimates;

  • Technical regulations and other documents.

IT, computers and telecommunications

IT technologies cover a wide area of ​​creation, transmission, storage and perception of information. Our translators have extensive experience translating various documentation of IT field, including: annotations, user manuals, software and hardware documentation, equipment descriptions, as well as translations of web sites, articles, forums, computer games, applications and programs.

Other industries

In addition to the general regulatory, project and technical documentation for the above mentioned industries, we also specialize in following fields:

  • Textile industry: certificate of conformance, declarations, test reports of samples, etc.

  • Clothing industry: drawings of clothing details, tables, technical descriptions of the model, etc.

  • Forest industry: regulations in forestry, accompanying documents for the transportation of wood, fire safety rules, etc.

  • Coal industry: geological exploration documentation, blasting manuals, safety rules for coal mining, installation rules, etc.

  • Food industry: sanitary and epidemiological conclusions, assortment lists of products, documents on pest control and disinfestation, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: documents on the quality control, documents on microbiological monitoring, testing documentation, etc.


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