We accept both originals and copies of diplomas and their supplements (transcripts with grades) for the certification of translation. There are two kinds of certification: notarial and agency certification (with the seal of translation agency). We recommend checking the requirements for the translation certification with the authorities that inquired the translation.

Translation of a diploma into Russian

A notarized translation of diplomas into Russian is required if a foreign citizen receives a second higher education or is employed in the Russian Federation.

The diploma supplement must be translated as well, since both documents complement each other, and the supplement itself is not valid without a certificate.

A diploma is usually a one-page document and a transcript with grades contains approximately 2 or 3 standard pages of text (the standard page is 1,800 characters with spaces). The price of the certified translation of diploma and its supplement is the sum of the price of the translation itself, calculated at our standard rates (which you can check in the section PRICES) and the price of certification (notarial certification is 700 rubles per document and agency certification is 100 rubles per document). Diploma and its supplement are notarized as separate documents, if the agency certification is enough we can certify the translation of diploma and its supplement as one document.

Example of price calculation of a certified translation of diploma and its supplement

Here is an example of calculated price of a certified translation of diploma with its supplement from English into Russian with notarization or agency certification. Let’s suppose that the diploma and the transcript contain 3 standard pages. In this case the rate of translation from English into Russian is 440 rubles therefore the translation will cost 1320 rubles. If the notarial certification is required we add 1400 rubles (as long as the certificate and its supplement are certified separately). Total price of notarized translation in this case is 2720 rubles.

If you only need the agency certification (with the seal of translation agency) which is 100 rubles, the total price would be 1420 rubles (the certificate and the transcript are certified as one document).

The certified translation of diploma with its supplement takes few hours; the translation may be ready on the same day or the next day after the order was placed, depending on the language of translation and the volume of text.


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