Apart of notarization we also provide a service of agency certification of translation (when the translation is signed and sealed with the seal of translation agency).

This kind of certification doesn’t take long and costs only 100 rubles per document. The certification with the seal of translation agency may be an option if the translated document is not required to be notarized but it’s necessary that it contains the signature and the seal of organization that performed the translation.


The agency certification confirms that the translation is made by a certified translator who takes responsibility for literacy and correctness of the translation. But notarization has a greater degree of legal force, because the notary public is a certifying authority that by virtue of the law authorized for such actions.


Often the agency certifies the translation of documents for obtaining visas, for example, certificates of employment, certificates of income, birth and marriage certificates, etc. Of course, it depends on the country of destination and the type of visa. Consulates of some countries accept translations certified by the translation agency. For example, the translation of documents for a short-term visa to the UK or Germany does not need to be notarized, just sealed with the seal of translation agency (they also call it a certified translation).

Insurance companies also accept translations certified by translation agency. We translate and then certify the translation of bills and receipts for medical services abroad.

Translations of customs certificates and export declarations for the customs authorities of the Russian Federation can also be certified by translation agency.

IMPORTANT: Before ordering a translation with agency certification, it is necessary to check the requirements for translations with the organization where you are submitting the documents.

 How does the agency certification look?

The certifying inscription is placed at the back of the translation which is attached to the original document or its copy. It is also signed and sealed with the seal of translation agency.

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