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Generally translators work with typewritten or handwritten text that they can see with their eyes on paper or on a computer screen. However, the audio and video content translation is also in demand on the translation services market. It is a cross between written translation and interpretation, when the translator must perceive the text by ear, type or write it down and then translate it.

We carry out translations of this kind both from Russian into other languages and from foreign languages into Russian. Usually we perform translations of video and audio clips with reference to the temporary grid up to a second. Such a translation format is convenient for later making the dubbing of clips in the language of translation.

The price of translation of video and audio materials is calculated by the amount of the translated text in writing. On average, 3-5 minutes of a video or audio clip give one standard page of text. We consider the translation of video and audio content at a double rate compared to our basic rates, which you can check in the section PRICES

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Key customers

Key customers

Today we cooperate with many Russian and foreign companies. We focus on wishes and interests of our customers which allows us to create a basis for further mutually beneficial cooperation

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Today we work with many European, Oriental and Asian languages.

If you can’t find the relevant language in the list below, call us - we have a fairly large database of translators, and perhaps we will be able to help you

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