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Business and legal translation is one of the main activities of our agency. We have gained an extensive experience in translating various documents in the field of finances, economics and law. Only highly qualified translators work with such documentation.

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Formats of translations

Translations are made in different programs including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Documents are accepted in various formats, including PDF which is very common for such documents. Read more about formatting in the relevant section Layout and formatting.

Business translation / Agreements and Contracts

Translation of contracts and agreements is carried out by qualified translators with extensive experience in this field, since legal translation requires accuracy, literacy, competence and, of course, knowledge of legal and economic terminology.

Most often, contracts are translated from English into Russian or vice versa, but we also translate this documentation into any other languages.

Incorporation documents

We have gained extensive experience in translating incorporation documents for various companies registered in Russia and abroad, including offshore zones such as Cyprus, Belize, Panama, BVI, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Gibraltar and others, as well as England , Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries.

Incorporation documents include:

  • Certificate of incorporation;

  • Certificate of incorporation;

  • Articles of Association and Memorandum;

  • Protocol of founders meeting;

  • Appointment orders;

  • Certificate of incumbency;

  • Certificate of Good Standing;

  • Register of shareholders, etc.

All these documents must be signed and sealed. Such documents, as Articles of Association and Memorandum should be also apostilled. Apostille is placed in the country of the document origin. The Notary Public certifies translations both with copies and originals of documents.

Financial statements and Audit reports

These documents require the translator to know special terminology, as well as attention to details and accuracy, since such documents usually contain a lot of numbers. We translate financial and audit reports into various languages, most often from / to English.

Marketing research

Such documents usually contain a large number of graphs, tables, and other materials that make it possible to visually present the information. At the request of the customer, we translate such documents with a one-to-one layout and customer receives the translation that looks exactly like the original document, only in different language.

Accounting documents

Translation of these documents requires the translator to have knowledge of IFRS (international financial reporting system) and common terminology. The accounting documentation includes various documents, such as annual reports, bank statements, invoices, acts of acceptance of work, payment orders, certificates, etc., as well as tax documentation. 

Export declaration, clearances

If a company conducts foreign economic activity, in particular, carries out export-import operations, it requires the translation of such documents as export declarations, clearances, conformity certificates, packing lists, etc. Translations must be certified for the Russian customs. Agency certification is usually enough.

Judicial documentation

This category includes different types of legal documents for criminal, arbitration, superior and other courts in different countries of the world, such as:

  • Judicial acts;

  • Statements of case;

  • Criminal complaint;

  • Court decisions, acts, resolutions and verdicts;

  • Appellate decisions and judgments;

  • Legal notifications and witness statements;

  • Procedural requests;

  • Minutes of the interview;

  • Findings of an expert study and others.

Russian courts accept translations of documents issued in foreign countries only in the presence of some form of legalization. This usually implies the presence of an apostille. The apostille is simply translated along with the rest of the text of the document. The translation after should be notarized.

Patents, Laws, International standards

Laws and regulations contain specific legal terms and require a translator to be highly qualified and fluent in the language. Our specialists have many years of experience and all the necessary knowledge to translate legal documentation of this type.


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Key customers

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