Apart of translation services our agency also provides the service of notarization of a copy of original documents.


It is only possible to notarize copies in appearance of original documents or their certified copies.

The notary public does not certify copies of documents if their integrity is violated, if there are postscripts, erasures or cleanups, as well as documents filled with a pencil.

The notary certifies copies of documents of Russian origin only. However, you can get a notarized copy of the certified translation. That is, if the document is issued outside the Russian Federation, you can make a notarized translation of the document into Russian and then make a notarized copy of it.


The price of notarization of a copy is 100 rubles per one printed page of original document.

There are discounts for notarization of large amount of pages.

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Translation languages

Today we work with many European, Oriental and Asian languages.

If you can’t find the relevant language in the list below, call us - we have a fairly large database of translators, and perhaps we will be able to help you

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