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Interpretation is divided into consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive translation is the most frequently requested type of interpretation. It does not require special equipment unlike the simultaneous translation. Consecutive interpretation is carried out by an interpreter who listens to the speech of interlocutors and then translates it into the desired language.

Interpretation is very important in the modern world of business relationships. With the entry of companies into the international market and cooperation with other foreign companies arises the need for an intermediary who helps the communication between multilingual participants in business meetings.

Translation agency provides interpretation services for various events, business meetings, conferences, presentations, seminars, etc.

Interpreting is a laborious task; it requires the interpreter professional proficiency in the language. The translator must possess such qualities as literacy, verbal intelligence, clear diction, as well as responsibility and punctuality. In addition the interpreter must also be familiar with the subject of negotiations so that he can be fully prepared for the meeting or event.

Our agency takes care of the organization of interpretation. We will select a highly qualified translator who is familiar with the subject of your event and has experience in interpretation in this field.


The price of simultaneous interpretation is calculated based on the amount and time of work, the language of translation and other details. More information about prices you can read in the section Prices for interpretation


Certified interpreter is a specialist with diploma of translator/interpreter. Such specialists are required for interpretation at notary public or in court. For example, if you carry out any legal actions with foreign citizens at notary public (entering into or terminating an agreement, issuing a power of attorney, etc.), only a certified translator is allowed to perform interpretation.

We offer the services of interpreting by certified specialists in few languages such as English, German, Italian, Kyrgyz, etc.


Translation agency offers interpretation services via skype. It is an excellent alternative to usual interpretation if personal attendance of participants is not required. Moreover, it is much more profitable as skype allows you to perform interpretation remotely, which significantly saves money and time.

Skype conferences are more and more often preferred to telephone negotiations due to a number of advantages. Firstly, the quality of a skype connection is often much better than the quality of international telephone communication. Secondly, when having an Internet connection skype call is absolutely free, which you can’t say about the telephone communication. Thirdly, visual contact simplifies both the translation process and the communication between the interlocutors, as you can observe the facial expressions and gestures of the participants of the conversation, which is of great importance in business communication.

In addition, you can negotiate in several languages ​​at once by connecting several interpreters or an interpreter who speaks several languages ​​to the conversation.

INTERPRETATION VIA SKYPE overcomes language barrier and time zones

At the moment, there is no more effective way of online negotiations and conferences between multilingual participants of different locations than conference calls via skype with remote interpretation services.


The price for this service is much less than for usual interpretation in office. It depends on several details and is calculated in advance


Online interpreting is much easier to organize since all participants including an interpreter can join the skype conversation from any location without wasting time on the road.

Before the conference the interpreter should receive a briefing and get information about the topics to be discussed, possible questions to be asked and expected answers. This will greatly facilitate the work and speed up the interpreting process.

As for the rest, online interpretation takes place in the same way as if our specialist were in the same room with you.


Translation agency also provides service of meeting foreign citizens at the airport. The service includes the meeting in the lounge with a greeter sign, communication in foreign language, transporting, as well as other services agreed in advance.

This service is quite popular and very convenient since we provide an interpreter and a driver all in one, which saves your money and our resources. If necessary, we can also provide a separate driver and accompanying interpreter.


Our agency also offers the services of professional guides speaking Spanish, English and other languages.

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