One of the major languages of the world, German is the first language for almost 100 million people worldwide and the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Together with French, German is the second most commonly spoken foreign language in the EU after English.

Apart from the languages ​​of neighboring countries of Russia, German is second most popular translation language. We have years of experience of translation of technical, legal and medical documentation from / into German. Our personnel includes translators specializing in German medical translations and having extensive experience in this field. We offer a wide range of high-quality medical translation services, including the translation of certificates, epicrises, test results, extracts from hospital records, medical insurance and so on.

Aside from that our agency also specializes on translation of personal documents, such as passports, diplomas, driver’s licenses and others both from and into German. We also translate documents for visas, including visas to Germany. Check the full range of services in the section Translation of personal documents.

Often it’s required to have notarized translation of a packet of Russian documents in order to obtain services in various German organizations, which mainly includes personal documents such as a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of income, place of work and place of residence and other documents. In some cases, it’s required to get an apostille before translating documents. Apostille can be placed both on copies and originals. Read more about it in the section Apostille.

Check the prices for written translation from / into German in the PRICES section.