Apart of translation services our agency also provides the service of apostilization, one of the ways to legalize documents outside the Russian Federation.

Apostille is a stamp affixed by government authorized bodies to a document in order to confirm the authenticity of the document and its legal force.

The legality of the apostilled document is recognized in all countries of the Hague Convention, including Russia. To validate documents in the territory of other countries that are not part of the Hague Convention, it is necessary to undergo consular legalization. Read more about this in the section Consular Legalization


Apostille is placed in the country of origin of the document. Any official documents, legal and judicial documentation, diplomas and school certificates, notarized copies of passports and other personal documents can be apostilled.

All you have to do for apostilization of a document and its subsequent translation is to submit the original document and we will take care of all other concerns!

The apostille can be placed both on the original document and on a notarized copy, for example, when apostilizing a passport you need to get a notarized copy first and then proceed with apostilization.


To affix an apostille, documents are submitted to the authorized state bodies. Documents can be apostilled in the Ministry of Justice, the Civil Registry Office, the Ministry of Education, etc.

Often after apostilization it is required to translate the apostilled document into a foreign language and notarize the translation. The apostille is simply translated with the rest of the document. Thus, you receive a notarized translation of the document with an apostille.


Apostilization within 4 working days - 4500 rubles per document

Urgent apostilization within 1 working day - 11000 rubles per document

The cost of translating an already affixed apostille is calculated at our usual rates; the amount of text in the apostille is less than half of the standard page.

Check the prices for all services in the PRICES section. 


An apostille is a stamp containing information about the legality of a document for presentation on the territory of countries that recognize this form of legalization. The apostille contains such data as date, unique number, name, title and signature of the certifying person. The apostille is placed either on a separate sheet that is attached to the document, on the front page or on the back of the document.

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